Immagine della Cantina Sociale di Trento

Our Trento winery: a project that lives in the territory

When we decided to start planning the new premises for the Cantina Sociale di Trento, that has been our home since 2009, we had a clear objective in mind: the building itself had to reflect the spirit of our daily work, the links with the local area and deep integration with the environment around us.
Just as farmers love and respect the earth that bears them fruit, we wanted the winery where grapes are transformed into wine to be a place of respect for nature. This guided us in the choice of local materials, but above all in choosing cutting edge technology solutions for energy saving.
Not only: as a wine cooperative our new site had to reflect the spirit of cooperation and sharing that is the real driving force behind our work in the way the space was organised.
In 2009 the new site of the Trento wine cooperative was built in accordance with all these needs: a covered area of 4,500 m₂ that can hold 80,000 hectolitres of wine divided into 315 tanks that can house produce from the 650 hectares of land from our 400 winegrowers.

The new Cantina di Trento: a project that took shape

Breaking the stereotype of the cramped, dark winery to capture the authentic image of what a wine cooperative like ours is like: an enclosed space yes but one that continuously communicates with the outside. It is here in this natural environment, anything but dark and cramped that the grapes we use to produce wine grow and mature. Light, space and wood: all these elements contribute to give shape and substance to our idea of a wine cooperative.
The building was designed according to the grape processing cycle which is clearly at the centre of the production of our wines: to the north there are wide, shallow containers while to the south higher ones are positioned in increasing size that culminate in the structures used as offices.  This choice made it possible to limit height and minimise visual impact.
The project took into account the fundamental moments for interaction between the members with a special room just for them on the second floor. Here a large window that occupies the entire south wall enhances the link between the outside, while the view from inside the top of the winery reinforces the close relationship with the production Sector.

The materials: a tribute to the Trentino area

Our winery is located in Trentino, and is an expression of this region.
The materials and the shape were chosen especially to use the building as a symbol of the area.
To the east the walls are made of local wood that is woven in a slatted pattern that differentiates and slants the surfaces, these are alternated with large mirror windows that decrease the amount of heat inside the building. Wood and glass are also used on the southern facade where the entrance, the shop and the offices are located.
Here the beams recall traditional building methods while the glass transmits a constant relationship between the functional heart of the Winery and the surrounding environment, urban and rural at the same time in an unquestionable alpine context.

Technological innovation and energy saving

Integration with the local area also means respecting the environment around us. For this reason energy saving was one of the main objectives behind the design of the new Cantina Sociale di Trento.
From the foundations to the roof cutting edge technological solutions were used to increase thermal insulation in the building and reduce energy consumption. Thanks to 130 m₂ of solar collectors and two methane powered heat pumps the entire winery is heated with just one 80 KW boiler. Electricity is supplied by 2,860 m₂ of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof that produce 400 KW.
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