Immagini storiche della vendemmia in Trentino

The Cantina Sociale: a 20th century story

It was in 1956 when 11 Trentino farmers combined forces to create the Cantina Sociale in their city.
The notarial deed, registered on the 17 October certifies: “the company purpose is the moral and economic improvement of the members by promoting, through appropriate initiatives an increase in wine production by providing for the process and sale of their common product”.
Now as back then their intuition was clear: unity is strength. The creation of a cooperative like the wine cooperative allowed even small producers to face the market and make a profit.

This is what a wine cooperative is in our opinion: a place to defend and promote the area and its products thanks to the union of those who live and work in the area every day.

From 1956 to today

The original idea was a winner and the increase in the number of members and the quantity of grapes produced and delivered bears witness to this fact.  As early as 1960 the original site in via Verdi was abandoned in favour of a new site in via Fermi, where the Cantina Sociale di Trento remained until 2009.
Today the new site is in via dei Viticoltori, in an area surrounded by vineyards to the south of the city.  Even in this new phase of its history the Cantina Sociale di Trento chose to keep up with the times and the territory it operates in.
Built in accordance with sustainability criteria it meets the needs required by today’s standards: production that is compatible with the environment and aimed at continuous quality improvement.
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