The Cantina sociale di Trento: authentic Trentino wines

The Cantina Sociale di Trento (Trento Wine Cooperative) was founded in 1956 to combine the strength and ingenuity of small producers in the city and the surrounding hills. A wide reaching project that started with the earth and goes beyond the history of generation of producers.  A project that is continuously developing and growing with the ambitions and values of past generations.
Cantina Sociale Trento
Fresh as mountain air and carefree as a white, or fragrant and full-bodied like a red? Whatever wine represents you, or whatever wine you like, we’ve got it.
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Our history
On October 17 1956 in Trento the notarial deed was registered with which 11 farmers from the city decided to found the Cantina Sociale di Trento.

Trentino: a unique area

An area that for location, orography and soil and weather conditions allow for a great variety of grapes to be grown. These unique varieties are the combination of experience and technical accuracy to produce wines that embody the passion and vocation of their producers.

Our wine types

The fruits of our labours take shape in the wine we bottle. As well as several native grape varieties such as Nosiola, Marzemino and Teroldego, Trentino is the ideal habitat for many excellent white and red wines as well as the place where Trento Doc Metodo Classico Trentino is produced.

The Cantina Sociale di Trento wines on offer include these and much more. Discovering our wines is a great first step to discovering Trentino.
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