SantaColomba Brut Nature

Vino Spumante di Qualità
Santacolomba is a real place, unimpaired  in its mountain nature. Between sky and earth, pleasant and romantic, it invites to contemplation It is the place where dreams become true and where dreams are stronger than magic.

white sparkling wine, obtained with secondary fermentation in bottle, from Joanniter, Solaris and Bronner grapes; these grape varieties are resistant to the main fungal diseases and this allows us to reduce the use of phytosanitary treatments.    

If the vines find a good exposure, the right altitude and microclima and are cultivated following a good agromonic practice,  they can produce grapes without the use of fungicides. A good vinification and a good work in the cellar make it possible to maintain in the wine the particular characteristics of the grapes.
Santacolomba Brut Nature is a sparkling wine, which shows a different way in the viticulture of nowadays.

The grapes are harvested in September. The juice is n separated from the skins and it undergoes the fermentation at the temperature of 17/19°C in stainless steel tanks. In Spring the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle, which encourages the development of flavours and sparkles. The wine ages in bottle for a  period of 24/30 months.
Santacolomba Brut is defined “Nature” as the liqueur d’expedition is constituted by the wine itself and is used to substitute  the sediments which have been removed with disgorgement.    

Straw yellow in colour, fine and persistent perlage, floral bouquet with light hints of yeast and crust of bread, pleasantly fresh.  A sparkling wine from the Alps.    

Ideal as aperitif, it goes very well with hors d’oeuvre and fish.
Serving temperature 7-9° C.
SantaColomba Brut Nature
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