Heredia Pinot Nero Trentino Doc

Production area
The grapes are grown in Trentino, in small vineyards sited on the hillsides, with a good sun exposure and a good ventilation, on poor soils, at an altitude comprised between 300 and 450 m.a.s.l.

The grapes are harvested by hand and once in the winery, they are de-stemmed. The fermentation takes place in small stainless-steel tanks, at a temperature ranging from 25° to 27° C; the grape skins are kept constantly immersed in the juice by punching them down as they are driven to the surface, in order to favour the extraction of aromatic substances and soft tannins. Once the alcoholic fermentation is over, the wine is racked into small wooden barrels and it undergoes the malolactic fermentation. The wine is then racked and matured in barriques (with different age and wood); thereafter, the wine is blended and stored in stainless-steel tanks and prepared for the bottling.

Light ruby red in colour, characteristic for Pinot Nero. Fruity on the nose with scents of cherry and red berries such as strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Elegant, and soft on the mouth.

This wine is an excellent accompaniment for a range of dishes which bring out the wine’s elegance rather than its power. It will keep well and it can be aged for several years.

Serving temperature di 18°C.
Heredia Pinot Nero Trentino Doc
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