The grapes selected for this cuvée are grown exclusively in the vineyards of the locality of Zell, in Trento, at the altitude of 500 above the sea level, an area which is renowned for the cultivation of grapes to produce sparkling wines.

The vines are planted according to the “girapoggio” system, literally translated “around the hilltop”, on a big natural terrace with a south-facing exposure, towards the Adige valley; the soil is not very deep, it is draining and rich of slivers of marly limestone.


Zell Ancestrale needs some precaution for the storage and pouring; the bottle must be stored in a vertical position, also in the fridge. The wine has to be cold when it is poured (6-8°C), the bottle must be opened carefully, to avoid that the lees at the bottom of the bottle make the wine cloudy and develop carbon dioxide, which could cause the leak of the wine.


Clear, straw yellow in colour, with an intense perlage, lively at the beginning, creamy at the end. On the nose it is clear cut, fine, complex, with an intense note of Quince jam, crust of bread and toasted hazelnuts.
Elegant and persistent on the mouth, with hints of citrus and a final mineral note; the real surprise is to be fund at the end of the bottle, where the role played by the residual lees, even if they make the wine light cloudy, when it is poured, they increase the sensation of complexity, mellowness, with clear notes of crust of bread.


If clear, this wine fits very well with shellfish, Crudités, cold cuts.
If cloudy, this wine fits very well with tasty first courses, meat dishes like sausages or barbecue.

Serving temparature: 6-8°C
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