The grapes

The native Trentino varieties

Trentino has three native grape varieties: Nosiola, Marzemino and Teroldego. All three are used for wine producing at the Cantina Sociale.

What are native grape varieties?

Native grape varieties are those varieties of grapes that are grown in the same geographical area the same grape variety originates from and therefore take on the typical characteristics and nature. In other words the vine has not been transplanted but originates in the area it is grown in. It is distinguished from the international variety that from its country of origin has developed in other parts of the world.

Native Trentino grape varieties

It is the only native white grape variety that survived the post-phylloxera vineyard reconstruction . Typical growing areas are the lateral hills of Val d'Adige, in particular around Pressano-Lavis, Vallagarina and the Valle dei Laghi, where it is used to produce the typical Vino Santo.

Well known around Rovereto since the time of the Serenissima, today it is grown in the well defined area of Vallagarina. The most famous wines are Marzemino d'Isera and Marzemino dei Ziresi, from the town of Volano.

Defined as the “prince of Trentino wines”, Teroldego has been mentioned as being present in the Trentino area since the XIV century; it is celebrated in the chronicles of the Council of Trent (1545-1563). Recent history has given it the nickname “Rotaliano” to indicate the area where it is most widespread: Piana Rotaliana.
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